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What We See:
We envisions an integral worldview that is suited to a meaningful and mysterious cosmos. We believe that this perspective is necessary to achieve a healthy, sustainable future for our species and for the biosphere. The integral view entails remembering our once-respectful relationship with nature and the lessons that she has to offer us and incorporating it with the best of modern discoveries.

Why We Exist:
Over 30 million people in the United States have taken a psychedelic (Krebs & Johansen, 2013) As an educational organization, our goal is to inform and assist those who choose to explore entheogens about the potent effects of these powerful psychic amplifiers. This includes integration, an educational process of discovery of the self, the community, and the environment.

Our Approach:
Entheogens have been used since prehistory by Indigenous peoples, through their respectful, intimate relations with Nature. We strive to coordinate ancient Indigenous wisdom with contemporary research to produce a composite picture that is meaningful and relevant to the lives of contemporary Westerners

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Peak Experiences Events Production
Is the flow that comes with total involvement in an activity. Powerful, meaningful experiences in which people seem to transcend the self, be at one with the world, and feel completely self-fulfilled.

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Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness. And so to whatever degree any one of us, can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building of the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all… is what it’s really all about. — Terence McKenna

en·theo·gen [god within; god- or spirit-facilitating] a psychoactive sacramental; a plant or chemical substance taken to occasion primary religious experience. Example: peyote cactus as used in the Native American Church.

“genie is well and truly out of the bottle” (Dennis McKenna)




Santa Barbara EntheoMedicine Salon does not condone illegal activities. This is not a place to buy, sell, or source illegal substances. In order to protect the integrity of the community, anyone who violates this will be removed from the group. Thank you for keeping our community safe!


Literally ‘becoming divine within’ was derived from an obsolete Greek word describing religious communion with visionary drugs, prophetic seizures and erotic passion, and is cognate with the common word enthusiasm. We noted that, besides being pejorative outside of the counterculture, psychedelic was “so invested with connotations of the popculture of the 1960s that it is incongruous to speak of a shaman’s taking a ‘psychedelic’ drug.” ~ Carl Ruck (1973)


Integration refers to the process by which the material accessed and insights gained in an entheogenic experience are incorporated over time into one’s life in a way that benefits the individual and their community.


A purpose, aim, desire, motivation, direction, or function stated before engaging in an entheogenic experience.

Set & Setting:

A phrase coined by Timothy Leary, “set” refers to the physical, mental, and emotional state, or mindset, that an individual enters an entheogenic experience with. Setting is the physical, social, and cultural setting of the experience. A safe and comfortable set and setting significantly influence the outcome of an entheogenic experience.


An individual who plays an active role in facilitating the preparation, unfolding, and post care of the entheogenic experience. Guides have a significant history of entheogenic use, and have undergone some form of training to facilitate entheogenic experiences.


A sober individual present during an entheogenic experience who is available in case of emergency, and ensures the safety of the individual partaking in the experience. Similar to guides, sitters have experience with entheogens, however have not necessarily had formal training in facilitation of experiences, and play a more passive role of holding space for the experience.

Cosmological Container:

A particular lived belief system on the origins and structure of the universe, within which the entheogenic experience is held.


Alternate name for an entheogenic experience.

Spiritual Practice:

Discipline or system of exercises and actions undertaken for the purpose of furthering spiritual development.

Integration Practices:

Specific actions performed on a regular basis that support the integration of the insights gained during the entheogenic experience into daily life.