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HelloMD – Online Medical Information on Cannabis / Access to Medical Cannabis Rx and Drs.

Cannabis Health Index – Learn the latest studies, trends, and perspectives linking cannabinoid research and mind-body medicine, based on the extensive research of renowned researcher, Uwe Blesching, PhD. – Helpful info on dosage + conditions cannabis usage may be helpful for based on the methodology developed by leading medical cannabis physician, Dr. Dustin Sulak of Maine.

Zelda Therapeutics brings together the world’s leading researchers and clinicians active in the study and use of medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of ailments.


Book Recommendations:

Chasing the Scream, Johann Hari

Mary Jane, The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women, Cheri Sicard

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, Leonard Leinow

Brave New Weed, Joe Dolce

Cannabis for Seniors, Beverly A. Potter, Ph. D.

Cannabis Pharmacy, Michael Backes